Sinus Congestion

I suffered from sinus congestion for a couple of years. I felt like I had a permanent cold, my nose was frequently blocked, and I had a lot of catarrh. I was also prone to frequent colds. I decided to give acupuncture a go. Heidi treated me with acupuncture and cupping therapy on my back. She also gave me some beneficial advice regarding foods to cut down on, making the symptoms worse. After a few sessions, my nose felt clearer, and I noticed I had less catarrh. I now go for seasonal acupuncture sessions.

Theresa Mason – Reigate

Chronic Fatigue

I have been suffering from chronic fatigue for approx. 14 years. My energy levels were very deficient. I had frequent muscle aches, alternating body temperature and frequent colds. I have now been seeing Heidi for over 2 years and am currently on a maintenance treatment every 6 weeks. Although I am not 100%, I have found the acupuncture keeps my energy levels more stable providing that I pace myself and don’t push too hard. I am much better at getting on with my daily life than I was a few years ago.

Mr Baker – Earlswood.

Fibromyalgia Relief

I came to Heidi for help in coping with my fibromyalgia symptoms. I had struggled for quite a while in the run-up and after the diagnosis with muscle and joint pains and sleepless nights.

Acupuncture has turned my life around. From visiting every week, I now attend once a month. The pain is tolerable, and I am now sleeping through the night.


Migraine Relief with Acupuncture

I have been receiving acupuncture for my migraines, and there has been a huge improvement to my general well being.

Heidi is a highly skilled therapist who makes you feel at ease and offers excellent advice on lifestyle changes.


Irregular Menstrual Cycle

I had been diagnosed with PCOS and had an irregular menstrual cycle. After trying to conceive for one and a half years without success, I decided to try acupuncture. After a couple of treatments, I felt more relaxed, and my cycle regulated after a course of treatment. I managed to fall pregnant soon after.

Emma L.

Acupuncture for Conception

I had acupuncture alongside assisted conception treatment. It really helped me relax through this stressful process and reduce the side effects of the medication involved. I now have a beautiful baby boy.
Jodie P.

Infertility – Acupuncture Worked

I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility back in August last year after trying to conceive for 32 months. I felt helpless, frustrated and a little scared about the prospect of putting myself through IVF.

I had heard of people having acupuncture to help infertility before and decided to try, wanting to regain some control of my situation and revive my fading hope.

I met with Heidi, and we discussed my diagnosis. She was very knowledgable and as well as performing acupuncture. She also gave me invaluable advice about monitoring my temperature for ovulation.

On receiving Heidi’s acupuncture treatment, I can’t describe it, but I felt instantly at ease and began to feel positive about the future. She was reassuring every time we met, and I instinctively knew that her treatment was helping me.

Two months later, having had several weekly acupuncture sessions, I discovered I am pregnant (baby due in July). I am so grateful to Heidi and urge anyone else who is contemplating treatment to give it a go. Acupuncture is a very mysterious treatment, but I can tell you from experience in my case it definitely helped.

LJ Surrey